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Mirror: Group Portrait Show

Start date: 05 Nov 2020

End date: 15 Nov 2020

Coming in November

Art Market 2020

Start date: 26 Nov 2020

End date: 06 Dec 2020

Opening Times: Thurs-Fri 10-4, weekends 11-3

Accepting works now.
Art Market

Past Exhibitions

Anna Sabadini: AND

Start date: 05 Jun 2020

End date: 03 Aug 2020

Opening Times: Thurs-Fri 10 - 4, weekends 11-3

Sabadini_Ribknit, detail 2


Just as my first spoken language was Italian, my visual and emotional languages have been shaped by my mother’s ethnicity. She was a seamstress and knitter, cook and gardener. She used to make all of my clothes, made bread for the family, grew all of our vegetables and a lot of our fruit. Buying anything readymade was not an option.

The painter, Frank Auerbach, has also shaped my visual language. His rhythmic gestures through thick paint remind me, in a strange way, of my mother’s emotional hand gestures; her ability to make and grow stuff. These wog aesthetics and agendas used to embarrass me but by integrating them with Auerbach, I can now acknowledge how much she’s inspired me.

I am now seeing myself through Auerbach and my mother. Through painting. Unlikely selves.

Ribknit (detail) 120 x 200cm

Waldemar Kolbusz: For the Chance of it

Start date: 22 May 2020

End date: 24 May 2020

Opening Times: Fri, Sat and Sun 10 - 4

lift-small (1)


This exhibition will continue at GallerySmith MELBOURNE opening 11 June 2020.

With a practice that alternates between abstract and more figurative painting, Waldemar Kolbusz’ works come naturally charged with a high energy. His large brightly coloured canvases pulsate and move, allowing a rich engagement with the works. He has always worked in a fluid way, and whilst a significant shift in thinking is required for different genres, his cerebral approach allows him to do both. It informs and nourishes the work; allowing freedom in the figurative works and giving shape to the abstract.


Lift 2020 oil on linen 152x122cm