JULY 2023


“This series of paintings are palpable intermissions simmering with a jostling, charged fragility. Large-scale and saturated, while their subjects are of foreign exterior places abroad, somewhere beyond the 129th meridian, their essence is about interior states: something amorphous, something incomprehensible.”

These are not just paintings that make us feel or reflect on serious or frivolous emotions; but works that enact a scepticism regarding the very experience of serious and frivolous emotions in themselves. Feelings are immeasurable. Does painting produce, capture, reflect or nullify them? In Kolbusz’s hands, the content leaks between limbo and surety; I am free to choose, I am no longer content.”

Excerpt from Diversions by Aimee Dodds, June 2023



Image: Infinity, 2023. Oil on linen, 153 x 138CM.