FEB 2023


Robyn Bernadt is a paper installation artist who works with reclaimed paper materials as an environmental response to art making. Her practice elevates these materials; altering their perceived value and challenging people’s perceptions about the materials they usually throw away. The works take on a value-added life of their own, and the viewer can be forgiven for considering the made and presented objects are of precious materials, given the jewel-like crafting that Bernadt employs.

Glory Box is an installation of five series of paper sculptures and delicate cut-paper works exploring feminist themes and subverting traditional craft practices by juxtaposing material and imagery. Bernadt challenges traditional notions of the domestic sphere and questions problematic stereotypes of the homemaker and sex object.

Bernadt lives and works in Boorloo (Perth), and graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Visual Art in 1999. This is her first exhibition at KolbuszSpace.


Image: X-Stitch Ladies I, 2022. Vintage Women’s Weekly and Arches paper, 36 x 51cm