OPENS Fri 13 SEPT: 6-8 PM

VIEW Sat 14 SEPT and Sun 15 SEPT: 10-4PM

Blu is a process-driven series of paintings.

A pendulum between abstraction and figuration.

A rhythmic narrative will fill the canvases which will expand the medium’s capability to structure the viewer’s experience in a literal-not-pictorial space and time (ARTFORUM, 1975).

Spontaneous and dynamic compositions which will explore the interconnections between paint application and movement.

Artistic growth, constrained palette and reasoning, less self-conscious.

Making art in the present with inherent skills and knowledge, does not need justification, or explanation..”

Olivia Colja is a West Australian artist, curator and community advocate. ​Her paintings explore a variety of themes including explorations of her relationships with significant people in her life, landscape, her artistic practice. Colja’s first solo exhibition at KS in July 2022 Return to the Hook received wide critical acclaim and sales.

Image: Untitled 2, 2024. Oil on stretched canvas, 158 x 107cm