Rorschach is a digital print series inspired by the amorphous ink blots while also playing homage to Andy Warhol’s 1984 series by the same name.

Developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in the early 20th century, the Rorschach test consists of ten standardized blots for a patient to decipher. 

In these works made during isolation in 2020, McVeigh has collated media images on a range of social, political, economic and environmental issues that have both played on his psyche and saturated the media.

These layered and mirrored works invite the viewer to themselves decipher and contemplate the visual language of manipulated media imagery. Through these ten works, the same number as original blots, McVeigh has captured the veracity of where humanity has been in this era of post truth and anthropocene.




Military 2020 digital print 150 x 120cm