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Picasso’s legacy is problematic. As one of the most famous and infamous artists of our time, and a personal favourite for artist Matthew McVeigh, he is an idol who needs to be both destroyed yet simultaneously revered for his great contributions to art and culture. McVeigh is not known to be shy of speaking truths to power however in these new works he examines his own male gaze and like Picasso who said, “Good artists borrow and great artists steal”, he has re-imagined an uncancelled Picasso’s body of work placed in a contemporary context.

Matthew McVeigh is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from WAAPA. His practice is predominantly interested in how identities, histories and institutions can be consumed and subsumed into homogenized narratives. McVeigh’s works have been acquired by important collections including the Holmes à Court Collection and the Art Gallery of Western Australia collection.


Image: Threesome, 2023. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 91 x 122cm.