MAY 2023


“As a tourist in the Karijini gorges, I feel acutely aware of being out of place. However, beyond the awe-inspiring beauty I am starting to understand the spiritual side of this land, its sacred role to dreamtime; it is palpable. My respect and gratitude to First Nations people, to elders past and present, storytellers, keepers of knowledge, and cultural custodians; this is your land, and it always will be. I am humbled to have seen it and walked upon it. The gorges now live in my brain, in memory, dream and feeling. Through drawing and painting I come to terms with the land and my place in it.”

John Eden graduated from Leeds Polytechnic, BA (hons) Fine Art in 1990 and then finished his post-grad in teaching at Middlesex University. After relocating to Perth, Eden has primarily taught art before realigning seriously with his own practice.


Image: Long Story Short, 2023. Acrylic, spray paint and charcoal on canvas, 192 x 160CM