AUG 2023


Hyperreality seeks to examine the understanding of our shared existence, shaped and constructed as it is by culture and media. And while not a formal reflection of hyperreality, Bisley’s works are instead imbued with its very essence; each a cohesive – albeit innately fragmented – gesture. HYPER REAL is Bisley’s reckoning with a brave new digital world wherein tangibility is devalued, and truth subsumed by optics.

These are tapestries of sorts, hung with a reverence often reserved for such. Yet where tapestries find their roots in elite settings and often in the form of highly figurative, delicate homages to the divine, Bisley’s works offer something more. The works in HYPER REAL possess a functional durability, constructed from remnant yarns. They largely depict fragmented, abstract scenes that elevate the mundane; and where gender has long since underpinned the history of textiles, these works feel distinctly genderless. 

Bisley was a finalist in the prestigious 2021 Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award and this is her anticipated first solo exhibition.


Image: Georgia BISLEY. Dark Academia, 2023. Wool on linen, 260 x 150CM.