APR 2023


Gaye Jurisich is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in the interconnections between elements and their surrounding space – between the materials and their spatial experience. She explores encounters between natural and industrial materials, arranging them in mostly unaltered and ephemeral states and is fascinated with the resulting juxtapositions and mutualities, often without need for authorship or ownership.

Intentional Viewpoints takes these narratives back into the studio and re-examines them in paint and clay, both expressively applied and carefully considered. While these new works are dependent upon references which exist in the outside world, Jurisich looks past the obvious and her sources have become layered and complex.

“Meaning for me does not rest in recognizing the source, but rather in seeing the result.”

“For a multi-disciplinary artist with a strong back catalogue, Jurisich’s work is detailed, precise and wild all at once, with her installations and sculptural works falling somewhere between Goldsworthy and Shiota.” Jess McNicol, 2023.

Gaye Jurisich lives and works in Hamilton, New Zealand and is internationally reviewed and respected. Her solo exhibition at KolbuszSpace called Secrets and Exposures in July 2021 sold out and her sculptures have featured in the both the Bondi and Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions. Jurisich has work in numerous international collections including the Pratt Institute in New York.



Image: I’ve Been Looking in all the Wrong Places, 2022. Mixed media on canvas. 240 x 180cm