MARCH 2022


The filtering of gaze and desire through the CIS white heterosexual male perspective is still the dominant lens in which we view and understand body, and is a lens Gladden and Pace aim to shift and subvert through these collaborative new drawings and ceramics.

Together both artists have produced work that investigates the body as fluid, transformative and capable of existing outside of the rigid and prescribed confines of heteronormative desire, while also analysing the intersections of their queer lenses.

These new works sit together to be sometimes sweet, sometimes vulgar but mostly offering a hot, sweaty, hairy and dripping alternative approach to desire.

Dan Gladden (b. 1983) is a WA artist who has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally since completion of his Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) in 2006, including Hatched 06 at PICA. His figurative paintings and drawings explore ideals of the masculine form, and analyse the construction of archetypal male identities.

Kimberley Pace (b. 1984) is a WA artist who has completed a Master of Arts from ECU and has exhibited regularly since 2009 both nationally and internationally. Kimberley’s practice investigates the fluidness of the corporeal body explored through a multidisciplinary studio approach involving garment, object, ceramics, drawing, performance, video and sound.

Dan Gladden

Kimberley Pace

Dan Gladden and Kimberley Pace, Pickle Peel, 2021. Pencil on paper, 38 x 18 cm.