Blair Gauld is a young artist currently based in Perth working with photography. Having relocated countries often in his childhood and youth, Blair hid behind a camera to cope with intense shyness and difficulty connecting with others. Through his admittedly painful and awkward teens, he developed an acute sensitivity and interest in observing the people around him and then started recognising his own vulnerabilities and dreams in them.

Blair’s portraits and landscapes are optimistic, but they are honest in admitting little resolve in who we really are or what we should do with our lives. His compositions show his, and indeed our own longing to fully experience a deeper understanding for the moments and places he photographs. These works are meticulous in their authenticity.

“I have always been a romantic at heart yet have struggled to express it. For me, my work represents my dream of coming of age and falling in love. My own world.”

Blair is self-taught, honing his skills through more commercial fashion photography and film which he is increasingly in demand for, and will be taking him back to London to work and live. Grace is only Gauld’s second exhibition and KolbuszSpace is excited to be representing him at the beginning of his artistic career.


Image: Santa Monica. Photograph on Canson rag paper, 150 x 100CM.